Two 14 year old Girls Manipulated and Forced into Trafficking

June 7, 2011
New Haven, CT - 12-14 year old American girls are at highest risk for being trafficked in the United States. Traffickers prey on these young, innocent girls and manipulate them into child sex slavery. It might take weeks or even months for a trafficker to get through to their victim. They will hang around young girls and promise them the safety, support and love they are looking for.

This is what happened in New Haven, CT when two 14 year old girls ran away from a state shelter. A 30 year old man and his female accomplice [...]
offered to help the girls after they ran away. Help turned into hurt as the man and woman eventually started forcing the girls to be their child sex slaves. The girls initially resisted, until the man threatened to kill them both. He personally paid for internet ads on different websites to sell the girls.

 "For a few horrific days in July 2009, the defendant led two scarred, abused, and naive fourteen year-old girls, runaways from DCF shelter custody, into the commercial sex industry for his own enrichment," the prosecutor writes. "While in the defendant's mind this exploitation may be just another chapter in his life of lawlessness and amorality, his victims will forever wear the scar of his actions."

The woman involved was also a shelter runaway who was forced into prostitution by the man. Having a similar experience as the young girls, she knew how to manipulate the innocent victims. In addition to threatening them into child sex slavery, the pair provided drugs and alcohol before they sent them to perform sexual acts in different hotel rooms.

Police and FBI led a joint investigation on the case. They gathered phone and internet records that detailed each deal set up. The man and his co-defendant will be sentenced for trafficking the two domestic minor girls.

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