We need your help. 
Children who are unprepared don’t stand a chance against the skillful tactics of a predator who would be seeking to abuse or exploit them.  Every single day, thousands of children reach the age where predators have traps almost everywhere in they go.

Every single day in the U.S. thousands of children move forward in age, to a world they are not prepared to meet.   As they increment forward towards “target-age” for predators would seek to exploit.  Traffickers are very skilled at deception and manipulation.  The truth is many adults wouldn't stand a chance without understanding how predators operate.

Your financial help funds our prevention program designed to help empower youth, parents, families against the skilled tactics of traffickers.  Prevention works, but only when we reach children first.   Please consider a donation at this time of the year.

The best way to take a child off the market is to take away the element of surprise.  

Please help us expand our reach to protect more children from predators.  Please make a donation today.