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Trafficking Cannot Be Combated Successfully Until Parents and Youth
JOIN the CAUSE. Trafficking is NOT the kind of issue where parents can rely on law enforcement to keep their children safe. Parents and youth must be part of the solution.

Learn how easy it is to Volunteer with FYP from any location in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Help End Modern Day Slavery by Joining our Team

If you are passionate about putting an end to Human Trafficking and are interested in volunteering  with us, fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Here is a list of what we will need from volunteers:
  • Criminal Background Check
  • National, Regional and State database searches including National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Employment Information
  • Verification of Social Security Number
Current Volunteer Opportunities:
  1. Web Site Design Volunteer -  Freedom Youth Project Foundation has multiple websites that require continuous development and maintenance.  Our sites are currently on 3 platforms:  Google Sites, Blogger and Weebly.  We need volunteers to help with development and maintenance.   HTML experience preferred.You will be working directly under a supervisor to ensure website is consistent with the needs of our organization.
  2. Writers/ Authors - Speaking, training and public awareness activities are only possible after materials have been developed.  So much of what we do requires skilled writers to assist with website content, training development, curriculum, literature, newsletters, announcements, etc.  If you have excellent writing skills we can use your talent.
  3. Graphics Designer Volunteer - Looking for someone with Photoshop and other design skills to help us create and edit graphics for our website. This is the perfect opportunity for students or professionals  looking to expand their portfolio.
  4. Legislative Researcher - We are looking for someone interested in the legislative aspect of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. Tasks will include researching recent legislative changes in laws pertaining to trafficking.
  5. Event Volunteers -  Freedom Youth Project Foundation is involved in numerous events, trainings, seminars, and conferences.   We are always in need of volunteers to assist with conducting events.  
  6. Project Work- everything we do, regarding working with youth, or the professional community,  Social Workers, Counselors, Law Enforcement, etc, requires that have trainings developed and ready to deliver, supportive web materials ready, workbooks, literature and handouts ready for events.  Doing project work allows you to work on your own schedule and be a part of making things possible for the true work of our mission.  Project work can include research, gathering information, writing, adding records to a database, working on  web content, powerpoint updates and development and more.  Project work would put you on a team working on a specific project.  Often teams meet online and conference calls to communicate, update, and coordinate work being performed.
  7. Trainers -   we need people to help with the number of requests to provide public awareness training, staff development training and seminar led trainings.  Trainers are required to first be involved as event volunteers and training development as prior experience before delivering training.
Internship Opportunities:
Freedom Youth Project Foundation was meant to be a community project. We work with universities and schools to help join together those wishing to participate in community projects. We are actively seeking out volunteers, interns, and students to join us in our mission to help end modern day slavery.

Students: We are willing to work with your schools if you need internship credit or volunteer hours.