A Perfect Partnership - Online Marketplace Partners with Anti-Trafficking Organization

June 3, 2011
Santa Barbara, CA - The internet was identified as the number one platform that traffickers use for buying and selling girls. That's why partnerships like the one between  Zuujit.com, a new online marketplace, and the Not For Sale Campaign, an anti-human trafficking organization, are so important.

In addition to being a traditional online marketplace like Craiglist or Ebay, Zuujit offers the option of making a charitable difference by supporting Not For Sale Campaign with their purchase. Other non-profit organizations have been added to the list, so that buyers [...]

choose which charitable organization a proceed of their money will go towards.

Not long ago, it was discovered that buyer/seller sites like Craiglist are prime platforms that traffickers use to advertise their young victims. It appears that the women and young girls are advertising themselves, when in reality, their traffickers and pimps are creating ads for their own profit.

In addition, social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook become dangerous as more and more traffickers prey on their victims by "friending" them. They might pose as someone young and innocent, when in reality, they are running a trafficking ring and looking for underage girls to bring in.

By creating awareness of the Not For Sale Campaign in their online marketplace, Zuujit is informing the public of this terrible injustice, and they are also supporting them with their donations. This is the kind of partnership that will make a difference and help prevent human trafficking from happening in our country.

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