New Treatment Facility to Open For Domestic Minor Trafficking Victims in Sacramento, CA


Sacramento, CA
- Jenny Williamson, a mom out of Sacramento, CA, was forever changed after hearing the story of an 11 year old girl in Sacramento who had been trafficked.

“I have personally met girls from Placer County under the age of 18 who have been trafficked for sex in Sacramento,” said Williamson, mom, business owner and founder of Courage to Be You (C2BU), a Rocklin nonprofit organization working to bring young locals of the sex trade home to a safe environment in Placer County.

According to an FBI agent in this county, over 200 domestic minor victims have been rescued in the past three years.

This crime in not unique to the Sacramento area. The United States Department of Justice figures there are somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 new victims of human trafficking each year in the United States.

Williamson began an organization called Courage to be You (C2BU) in 2005 to help victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.

“These victims are U.S citizens; these are our girls,” Williamson said. “In your own neighborhood and your own churches. It is so mainstream that it’s scary. I am telling you, two or three years ago I had no idea this existed. I am so na├»ve. And it’s not new. We have this new term: sex trafficking, but child prostitution is as old as time.”

The new shelter has already served 14 young adult victims; they are being set to house up to 60 victims at a time.

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