Feds Indict 38 in Gang-Run Trafficking Ring in San Diego, CA

April 18, 2011

San Diego, CA
- U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said about 275 law enforcement officers led by the FBI arrested 29 people ---- 38 people and one company were indicted ---- over the weekend in North County as a result of an 18-month, multi-agency investigation.

Three different sects of the gang worked together to traffick approximately 30 minors. The use of the internet and social networking sites were prominent in the operation.

Duffy said trafficked minors caught up in the operation were often "traded like property" and beaten by their pimps if they did not do as they were told.

A father and son pair helped rent out hotel rooms to the gang, away from other hotel guests. In addition, six women were also charged for aiding in the trafficking.

"The case targets a growing problem in not only in this district but across the country," Duffy said. "That problem is the trend for criminal street gangs to diversify and expand their operations to include things like prostitution.

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