Houston Criminal Justice Student Finds Salvation After Her Own Trafficking Nightmare

April 12, 2011

Houston, TX
- Imagine being ripped away from your family at the age of 3 and sold into the slavery by traffickers. Breanna Bryant, a Criminal Justice student at Sam Houston State University has shared her story on their local campus newspaper.

After she was kidnapped at the age of 3, she endured several years of being trafficked.

"The next two and a half years of my life were horrific," said the student, now a junior Criminal Justice major as Sam Houston State University. "I was taken 17,000 miles away from my home and lived among a few other girls. But this group home was much different than any other I had been to. We were conditioned to do what we were told, to satisfy the gruesome desires of men. My identity, value and innocence were stolen from me."

She was "adopted" in the by a family in a black market adoption agency where she stayed for several more years. Her grandfather had hired a private detective, and finally after 3 years of searching, information was leaked and she was brought back home.

She says this after she was brought back home. "I was a mess. After so many years of being raised in corruption, how could I begin to learn any different?" Bryant said. "I had to be taught what was appropriate behavior for a child. I suffered severally from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and fear had its grip on me. I was afraid of the night, anyone getting close to my face, and especially having the feeling of being suffocated. None of these things go away over-night and still the consequences of these events live with me.

Bryant is now working towards her degree in criminal justice, where she eventually wants to work on after-care for victims of trafficking.

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