Meet the "Teen-Ager" who is Chatting with Your Child.

Meet the "teen-ager" who is chatting with your child. Entirely online friendships are extremely dangerous for youth. Predators frequently use a profile pic which portrays themselves as a teenager. They are skilled at quickly bonding with a target by having similar interests. It is so easy because social media like FB provides them with a complete list of your LIKES, ie. your favorite bands, books, movies, and tv shows. Youth have no idea how their online profile provides a predator a roadmap be becoming their "bestie."

FONTANA (CBSLA)  — Authorities have arrested a Fontana man they said tried to have a sexual encounter with a girl he allegedly knew was 10-years-of age.

Detectives with the Fontana Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force also said the man also possessed child pornography.

The suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Rene Gabriel Lamadrid. He was arrested at his parents’ home in Colton.

Officials said Lamadrid met the 10-year-old through the app Likee and on Snapchat.  Lamadrid used the screen name JackSawyer311 on Snapchat.

We Teach Children 3ft Tall the Power They Have Over Predators 6ft Tall.

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