Today I am looking forward to facilitating a meeting of international delegates from Argentina, Aruba, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, and Peru. Delegates include special investigators, director against organized crime, criminal analysts, special prosecutor, attorney and a director with Ministry of Interior. We will be sharing information with each other regarding strategies for combating and preventing human trafficking.

This meeting today is part of an ongoing series sponsored by the department of state to provide an understanding of the American criminal justice system legal framework with nations around the world facing similar criminal issues. Also to explore initiatives which seek to identify and address root causes of crime, poverty, and educational opportunities. We have participated in this program for nearly 4 years and have met with and trained delegates from nearly 100 nations around the world.

These meetings have provided great insight into understanding human trafficking not just as a criminal justice issue, but also as a public health issue. It has helped validate much of our understanding of the issue in the U.S.
Human Trafficking is an issue which while mostly viewed through a local lens, has influences which are regional, national and global.

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