Man and Woman Busted in Sex Trafficking Ring

January 15, 2013

For any young girl,  the promise of being provided for and taken care of in a serious relationship can seem like a dream come true. This can be especially true for girls who may be dealing with difficult family circumstances, girls who may be having trouble in school, or for girls who may feel unwanted and unloved. This was the case for one young 17 year old homeless girl who was coerced into sex trafficking by a 27 year old man who promised her money and a serious relationship.

However, what this young girl did not know was that this 27 year old man was actually a violent trafficker who used these “promises” as a means to coerce his young victims into sex trafficking. For two years, this man used violence and all means of coercion to force and seduce girls between the ages of 17 and 21 into his sex trafficking ring. Once the girls had been coerced, he would use both physical and psychological abuse on his victims. He would threaten to kill their families if they did not cooperate with his demands and often threatened to beat girls who resisted. He would also go as far as requiring “his girls” to tattoo his name on their bodies as a symbol of branding and possession.

This man used a website that is well known for soliciting young girls. He advertised them as “smokin” and “hot” in order to lure men into purchasing the young girls’ services. The trafficking ring was based in Little Rock Arkansas, but the victims would often travel to different locations. In the two years of running his sex trafficking ring, he had girls in as many as 12 states across the country. 

"Traffickers are well known for continuous movement from city to city and across state lines."

The 27 year old trafficker did not work alone. He was aided by many others, one woman in particular who would assist him in renting cars, taking phone calls, renting hotel rooms, overseeing meetings, as well as sometimes being required to sell herself to clients as well.  The trafficker also met and worked with other traffickers to discuss profits, meeting locations, law enforcement, and recruiting information about girls.

Police were able to locate and bust the sex trafficking ring in a sting operation that was based out of a hotel in Omaha.  Both the trafficker and the woman involved in the sex trafficking ring have been arrested and will face charges for sex trafficking.

Many people may think that sex trafficking is only something that happens outside of the United States, but it’s important that we realize how dangerous sex trafficking is in our own country. It’s happening more than we think to young girls who are unaware of the deception tactics used by traffickers and it’s important that we begin to realize how vital it is to inform our children about the dangers of trafficking and how they can protect themselves against it.  This case, like so many others, illustrates how girls and young women are lured into this life by a smooth talking predator who knows just what to say and what to promise someone who is living on the streets.

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