Major Trafficking Bust in San Antonio

January 29, 2013

It has been announced that through collective effort of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Homeland Security Investigations (ICE), and the San Antonio Police Department, a sting operation took place on January 11 on the southside of San Antonio, in which 45 people were arrested for soliciting girls both online and in person. The arrests included 5 girls who had been solicited for sex and 40 johns, those of whom included a middle school teacher, an EMT, and a secretary who worked at the sheriff’s office.

These arrests were made as part of Operation Blue Ice. This operation included 100 officers, some of whom worked undercover on the streets and also posed as underage girls online. The sting operation focused its areas on girls who were working on streets, girls who had been solicited online and the johns who were purchasing these services.  The main goal of the operation was to find and identify any persons who could be victims of human trafficking, as well as identify who the victim’s traffickers were.  

San Antonio is located nationally at the center of IH 10 and at the intersection of IH35, which are the two main corridors which traffickers use to move around the nation. It is a pivotal stopping point for traffickers who move about the country.
 "Human traffickers are nomadic, and frequently move around the nation to avoid capture or prosecution."

Out of the nearly 300,000 Americans who are victimized by human trafficking, 20% of all trafficking occurs in Texas.  In samplings around the nation, a high percentage of teenage victims recall having been through San Antonio as their traffickers moved them around the nation.

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