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August 25, 2011
Freedom Youth Project Foundation is an anti human-trafficking organization based in San Antonio, TX. American children are being forced and manipulated into Human Trafficking at an alarming rate. The U.S. Dept. of Justice estimates our nation has over 100,000 new victims each year which targets children from all socio-economic backgrounds as young as 9 yrs old. This crime occurs all over our nation in both large urban areas and small rural areas. Minors are coerced, mostly through violence, to work in child pornography, strip clubs and brothels by human traffickers.
The aftermath of this crime leaves behind a trail of victims with severe trauma and a host of psychological and medical issues. These issues make it impossible to return a victim back to their home without treatment. Most are brainwashed, have multiple chemical and behavioral addiction issues, and are severe flight risks to return back to the predator who trafficked them.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of communities in our nation have no treatment options. The U.S. has a severe shelter/ treatment crisis when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of this vicious crime. The result is most rescued victims are taken to a secure lock-down facility and are often incarcerated with violent criminals. Currently, our nation has less than 200 beds for treatment and restoration, and is dealing with hundreds of thousands of victims.
Freedom Youth Project is working to bring treatment and restoration options for children to the U.S. beginning in San Antonio, Texas. Help be a part of making this a reality for our nation. Find out more about Human Trafficking in America and the work of Freedom Youth Project Foundation by reviewing our website.

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