Another Trafficking Myth Dispelled: All Traffickers are Men

August 3, 2011
4 Sisters and their mother charged with sex trafficking of minors

Sacramento, CA -
A common myth about human sex trafficking is that traffickers and johns are always men. Though statistics prove that more men are caught trafficking than women, the number of women caught trafficking has increased. Women who are victims of sexual abuse, including sex trafficking, were taught at a young age to use their bodies for profit - they continue this cycle by running trafficking rings as adults. Six women out of Sacramento, including four sisters, their mother and another woman, were charged in the federal court with sex trafficking of minors. The women were between the ages of 22 and 43. 

According to a grand jury indictment returned last week, all six women were charged with working together to force minors to perform commercial sex acts. The women transported the minors and purchased motel rooms for their sex trafficking business. They are also accused of using force, fraud and coercion to control the girls working under them. The women were charged with trafficking three minor girls and participating in a venture that profited from the sex trafficking of minor girls.

The case, which began in May 2008, is a result of an investigation by the FBI, the Sacramento Police Department, and Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. If the women are convicted of all counts, they could face up to 30 years in jail.

Trafficking happens in many forms and can involve men and women of all ages, races backgrounds. People we might not consider “average” traffickers are able to get involved easily. It is likely that women who were exploited as children and teenagers are more likely to be involved in sex trafficking rings in some form as adults. It is important to realize that until we find a way to end the cycle - traffickers will continue to emerge throughout our world today.

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