Woman Accused of Selling 13 Year Old Daughters Virginity

May 24, 2011

Salt Lake City, UT
- Human trafficking happens in many forms - for some young people, it happens in their own homes. Instead of living in loving, supportive and safe environment, they are living with deceit and exploitation.

One 13 year old girl out of Salt Lake City, UT became a victim of human trafficking when her mom offered to sell her virginity to a man for $10,000. The young girl at first agreed to do the sexual acts her mother was forcing her into, but later tried to tell her she did not want to.

The woman's boyfriend saw the string of text messages sent to the man and called police, reports say. The woman also admitted to modeling lingerie with her daughter for a man, and taking a picture of her daughter in skimpy clothing to send to another adult male.

The woman was charged with two first-degree felony counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child and two second-degree felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

"The mother is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail. Bail is set at $250,000. A corrections officer at the jail said the facility does not take telephone messages for inmates."

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