Sex Offender Posed as Modeling Agent to Lures Girls into Sex Trade

May 27, 2011
Orlando, FL - Domestic minor sex trafficking is not something that happens overnight. It typically does not involve suddenly kidnapping minors and forcing them into prostitution. More likely, it involves pimps and traffickers luring victims into their possession. They offer to take care of all of their needs and wants, and assert themselves as loving and trustworthy people.

This is what happened in Orlando, FL, when a 27 year old man and his teenage girlfriend lured girls into their trafficking ring. The man carried around business cards claiming that he owned a modeling agency. But instead of directly reaching out to girls - he would drop his business cards near young girls. When they picked up the business card, he told them to keep it. Many girls fell for this and called his "agency" - only to come face to face with a much harsher reality.

The man had an apartments in North Carolina and Orlando, FL, less than two miles from Universal Studios. A SWAT team invaded the apartment in Florida and rescued four girls, all of whom were forced to sleep on the same bed when they weren't forced into performing sexual acts for other men.

Not only did they force them to work in their sex trade, they were forced to clean, cook and wash their clothes as well.

One of the victims mom's aided in busting the man and his girlfriend when she called police on her missing daughter. Her daughter had mentioned going to a modeling agency. When she did not return, the girl's boyfriend led police to the dollar store where she met the "modeling agent." After she called, he picked her up and would not let her leave his apartment.

Another victim said that he brought her from North Caroline to Orlando, where he forced her into his sex trade and would not let her leave the apartment.

The man was charged with false imprisonment, aggravated battery with a weapon, kidnapping and battery in connection with the ring. His teenage girlfriend was charged with false imprisonment and kidnapping.

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