San Antonio pair admit to trafficking a minor

May 3, 2011

San Antonio, TX - Seven years after an 11-year-old runaway was coerced to enter the sex trade — which would result in her contracting HIV and hepatitis C — a man and a woman both pleaded no contest Monday and admitted being her pimp.

The girl, whose parents died when she was a child, met the pair in downtown San Antonio when she was 11. They asked for rent money from the young girl. The woman said she had an easier way for the young girl to make money, which was sex trafficking. The pair also introduced her to heroin.

They were set to go to trial, but while in the process both offenders plead no contest in exchange for shorter sentences.

This shows again that the demand is right here in San Antonio, and in every city. American girls aged 12-14 are at the highest risk for being trafficked.

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