NYC 11 year old rescued after being trafficked

May 1, 2011

New York City, NY - An 11 year old from the Bronx, NY was found by police after she ran away from her abductors. Her kidnappers had been trafficking her in their Lower East Side apartment for several months. Finally, one night she was able to get a hold of her grandmother who told her to run away when her captors were sleeping.

The little girl could not find her way back home, but was eventually found by police. Both the victims mother and grandmother had been charged for drug possession. She was sent to live with a foster family.

"She met her abductor, a 30 year old male, while sitting on her foster parents' porch when she was ten, and continued seeing him after she returned to her grandmother's care. A few months later, she didn't some home from school. 'He called me the day before and asked me if I wanted to come live with him,' she said."

"Private Investigator Joe Mazzilli says about 40 percent of the missing kid and runaway cases he works on involve pornography or prostitution. 'There are very few cases that involve someone as young as 10 or 11 years old,' he said. 'But on the flip side, once they hit 13, there are thousands of cases like that. It's so sad.'"

The kidnapper was indicted on charges of rape and predatory sexual assault against a child, and his cousin was indicted on charges of rape, criminal sexual assault and predatory sexual assault.

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