10 Ways You Can Help Freedom Youth Project Restore Victims of Human Trafficking

San Antonio, TX is going to be the next site of a unique treatment center for victims of human trafficking. Freedom Youth Center will be a multidisciplinary facility to treat the complete needs of each victim.  San Antonio is located nationally at the center of IH 10 and at the intersection of IH35, which are the two main corridors which traffickers use to move around the nation.  Human traffickers are nomadic, and frequently move around the nation to avoid capture or prosecution.

Out of the nearly 300,000 Americans who are victimized by human trafficking, 20% of all trafficking occurs in Texas.  In samplings around the nation, a high percentage of teen-age victims recall having been through San Antonio as their traffickers moved them around the nation.

This unique treatment facility will be used as an example for other organizations who wish to build a shelter for domestic sex minor trafficking victims.

If you're interested in helping, here are 10 things you can do:

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