Why Can't She Go Home?

She is part of a growing statistic in the U.S. (About 100,000 per year). She is a 14 year old victim of human sex-trafficking known as Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking. She was forced into prostitution at the age of 12. She has been subjected to extreme violence and has received death threats from her captors on a daily basis. Sadly, she has seen many girls her own age die (the average lifespan of these young girls is 7 years after they are abducted). She has been forced to work upwards of 20 hours a day, with little to no pay. She is usually addicted to drugs and a high adrenaline lifestyle. Most likely, she has started viewing her captors as "family" and has been brainwashed into thinking that she is in love with her pimp.

The only escape many of these girls have is death. If a girl gets rescued, she is a flight-risk to run-away so that she can return to her pimp, or to offer herself to another one who will take her. She does this out of desperation. Pimps are the only people who have offered her what she has been brainwashed to believe is  "love" and "protection."  Because there are so few treatment facilities, rescue for her is the equivalent of jail to you and me.  It does not come with treatment for her trauma.

In the United States there are about 300,000 Americans at risk and 100,000 victims each year, yet there are only about 500 beds nationwide at facilities with specific care for these kinds of victims of Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking. The primary target of traffickers are teens age 12-14 years old,

Who is she? She is the girl next door. She comes from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Unfortunately, if she is rescued in almost any community in the U.S., one of two things will happen to her. She will either be incarcerated or she will return to her pimp. Any attempt to return her to her family will fail without qualified treatment. Help us to bring qualified treatment options to this ailing nation. Help us be a catalyst to putting an end to the shelter crisis in the U.S.

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