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Comments from Youth

"(you have) given us great intel and really opened our eyes...encouraged us to help" -  Gabriel

"Very useful.  I now know what to do."   - J.S.

"...here only because my stepdad brought us.  And I am glad."  - Elena

"Great way to empower and inform youth"  -  Ava

"I like when you shared about being careful when picking friends... it really helped me understand how to be careful."     -L.G.

Comments from Parents

"Thank you for bringing this to us" -  R.B.

"Excellent message to both youth and adults.  It was great to see so many youth taking notes!"  -  N.B.C.

"Very informative.  Thank you and keep up the good work."  -C.V.

"Incredibly informative and useful for children youth and families. I'm sharing with my LPC, interns and clients.  Thank you for all your investment in this work, and educating us all!!!"  -J.J.A.

"Thanks for empowering our youth!" -Stephen

"Excellent presentation!" -Martha M.

"Can you bring this to our church..." -Audra

"Very interested in having our entire staff trained.." -Audrey

"Will be talking to our church about bringing this to us."  -S.L.

"Very informative & helpful!! God bless you!"

"...this was a great event."  -C.K.

"Thanks.  Very informative"  -R.P.

"Very useful information.  I've learned a lot.  Thank You!  -C.P.

"Great presentation!"  -I.S.

Please Help Us Plan by Registering 

By Selecting Event Below.


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