A note from our CEO about the last 12 months at Think Freedom Campaign

Training government officials from former Soviet Union nation Armenia. You can see the language interpreter at the right side in white shirt, who is simultaneously whispering into a mic. You can also see others wearing an earpiece hearing my presentation in their native language. Our trainings are highly visual in nature, full of images, graphics, animations and infographics. Which makes the visual aspect universal. It allows us to communicate with people in virtually any language.

Training CASA Volunteers from all over Texas. CASA is a great organization working closely with the most at-risk children.

The view from behind the podium. Training school social workers from about 500 schools from around the U.S. Traffickers have taken to recruiting victims in our schools today. Many youth who are trafficked are still in school M-F. They are forced to run away with their trafficking gang on the weekend, and are also forced to lure/fool other youth while at school.

University of Texas School Social Work conference. We have taught many school social workers how schools have become recruiting grounds for traffickers. Also how to teach our Liars and Posers Prevention training which empowers youth from the deception used to lure children as young as 10 years old.

Our team, photographed with Armenian government officials which included the head of National Security Service, Head of Dept of High Tech Crimes, Human Trafficking and Terrorism, and Investigative Committee of the RA. Photographed after completing a training and information exchange on how combating and preventing human trafficking our 2 nations.

Meeting national level law enforcement, Head of Department of Combating High Tech Crimes, Human Trafficking and Terrorism, Sr Detective Major with National Police, Deputy Head of National Security Service from the nation Armenia.

When we are working with delegations from other nations often about 4 out of 10 people can speak english well enough. There are always interpreters on hand for those who require translation services. Human Trafficking is an issue which exists as a global issue that impacts every nation on the planet. In the US. human trafficking is big in big cities and it is big in small towns.

Training case workers who work with Foster Youth. One of they most at-risk groups who are susceptible to human traffickers in our nation.

Training parents to better understand how to empower their families. Chat apps, social media and online gaming have become the tool of traffickers to select, connect and deceive new victims.

Training govt officials from Latin American nations.

Training staff from several agencies in Texas.

Training concerned citizens at the Quaker House. I wasn't aware that there were still Quakers until we we asked to come speak to them.

Training University Students at Our Lady of the Lake University.

Human Rights Workers, from Govt agencies in the middle east.

A training with a delegation from the middle-east. We had Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates all at the same table.

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