Texas is Closing It's Doors to Traffickers

July 6, 2011

At a time when our country is facing budget crunches and other economic shortfalls, Texas legislators are working to prevent and end the heinous crime of human trafficking from taking place in our state.

A 47 member task force was initiated in Texas to work on legislative recommendations for anti-human trafficking laws. Though the budget is tight across the state, changes to the law are being made that do not have an associated cost. Legislators[...]

are strengthening laws for prosecutors, giving police officers new abilities hunt down trafficking that is occurring, and creating a safer place for victims to be. In short, legislators are creating an environment that is hostile to human trafficking.

Attorney General Greg Abbott, Senator Leticia Van De Putte and Governor Rick Perry are working to highlight the human trafficking problem in Texas. in April, an anti-trafficking organization out of Houston, TX, gathered on the Capitol steps to raise awareness of the problem. in 2008, the Attorney General's office conducted it's first study on human trafficking.

Changing legislation is absolutely necessary if we want to see an end to human trafficking in Texas. It is important that legislators work to create awareness of the issue in our state, and create laws that make it more difficult for trafficking to take place in Texas, and in our country as a whole. This will give police officers a clearer understanding of what to look for to find trafficking; it will create stricter penalties to the people who are now getting away with trafficking, and it will give victims a way out of the nightmare they are caught in.

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