Tattoo Artists will receive training to fight Sex Trafficking

April 28, 2011 -, an organization that runs online campaigns for social change, ran a campaign to bring awareness of human trafficking to tattoo artists.

"Branding" is a common way traffickers use to keep track of their victims. They might bring one or several young girls into a tattoo parlor to get a type of "brand" put on them.

Bringing awareness to tattoo artists will give them an understanding of what is happening and what they can do to help. The hope is that they will contact law enforcement, or any anti-trafficking organization if they suspect trafficking is occurring among their clients.

Over 2,000 signed the petition which they declared a "victory" on April 28, 2011. The victory is the National Tattoo Artist Association invited Polaris Project, a national anti-trafficking organization out of Washington D.C., to speak at their next annual conference. This will raise awareness of the issue to a group of people who have the power to help stop trafficking!

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