Up to 98 percent of Victims are in Need of Basic Amenities for Survival

The National Institute of Justice reported that 96-98% of domestic minor sex trafficking victims are in need of basic shelter.

Though many states have implemented legislative changes, there is still a lot to be done to better understand victim needs in terms of shelter and after care.

Shared Hope International States:

“Victims of domestic minor sex trafficking are frequently processed as juvenile delinquents or adult prostitutes. Prostituted juveniles are trained by their trafficker/pimp to lie to authorities and are provided with excellent fraudulent identification resulting in their registration in the arrest records as an adult… Due to the unique trauma bonding that occurs between a victim and her trafficker, these children often run from juvenile facilities right back to the person that exploited them.”

Freedom Youth Project hopes to play a part in ending this shelter crisis, so that not only will the statistics lower, but treatment for victims will be extremely effective and can put them on their way to leading successful lives.

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