Trafficking Protection Act funds care for foreign victims and Not American victims

Need Highlighted for Federal Funding for Treatment of American Victims of Child Sex-Trafficking

Washington D.C.: The Trafficking Victims Protection Act provides important funding to help care for foreign victims of sex trafficking. But anti-trafficking advocates say no money has been used to help American girls.  "Not one cent of that money has been put towards domestic victims," said Malika Saada Saar of the Rebecca Project, a Washington-based human rights organization. "There has not been the political will to include domestic trafficking victims."

Americans care about injustice and child abuse. Because few people are aware of this horror, little has been done. But that is slowly changing. Incredible organizations are emerging to catapult awareness and aid victims. Among them, Streetlight in Phoenix, Salvation Army, Faith. Alliance against Slavery and Trafficking, and the Polaris Project.

The Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act, passed both houses of Congress last year and would have provided $45 million over four years. Sadly, the bill never made it to the president's desk, and now that there's a new Congress, it will have to start from scratch.

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