Shelter in Utah Forced to Close Trafficking Treatment Program Down

Salk Lake City, UT -

The Utah Health and Human Rights Project [UHHR], which works with victims of violent crime and human rights abuses, informed the law enforcement and legal services community yesterday it was closing down its human trafficking assistance program.

UHHR began treating victims of human trafficking in their shelter, until they started receiving violent threats from the victims. Because of this, they were forced to stop taking referrals for trafficked victims.

UHHR will continue to work with tortured victims, though they will omit their program for trafficked victims. Because of the dangerous threats they received, and the lack of support for this program, they are hoping to focus on research for a future shelter.

Other initiatives in the United States to house these victims have encountered similar problems, as the problem of Human Trafficking is complex care for these victims requires a deep understanding of the issue and victims needs.

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