Texas: State Sanators File Legislation to Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws

Texas State Senator Leticia Van De Putte and Representative Senfronia Thompson press releases highlight their recent work submitted to legislation.

Their work incorporated many of the recommendations from the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force report issued by the Attorney General. The hope behind this bill is that it will create new avenues to identify and act upon trafficking cases in an effective manner.

Some of the legislative recommendations that are incorporated in this legislation are to:
  • Enhance the human trafficking statute by clarifying the definitions of sex and labor trafficking
  • Extend the criminal statute of limitations for human trafficking crimes
  • Require an offender who is convicted of sex trafficking to register as a sex offender
  • Add human trafficking offenses and compelling prostitution as a 3g offense within the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Increase the penalty for compelling prostitution of a child to a felony of the first degree

Saul Castellanos, President of the Freedom Youth Project, will be attending the bill signing as an official witness on Tuesday, March 15.

Read original press releases:

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