Girls Inc. Press Conference - March 8, 2011

On Tuesday, March 8, 2011, Girls Inc. San Antonio held a press conference/discussion panel on the topic of human trafficking and our community. Girls Inc. is an organization whose mission is to inspire young girls to be strong, smart and bold.

The press conference was introduced by Rhonda Williamson, President and CEO of Girls Inc. in San Antonio. The panelists were Susan Reed, Criminal District Attorney of Bexar County, Rick Gipprich, Director of Education and Training at the Rape Crisis Center and Dottie Laster, co founder of San Antonio’s Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

Topics ranged from what trafficking is, why it happens and what we can do in our community to prevent this crime from the start.

Susan, Rick and Dottie spoke on the importance of gathering our community to fight this issue. Because our city is a "trafficking corridor" containing major highways, San Antonio is a hub for traffickers. Though we have had 15 indictments in San Antonio for Human Trafficking, it is important that we continue to work on the issue. They also mentioned their experience working on trafficking cases and what victims may need after they are recovered.

The conference brought together different members from the community on the topic of educating one of the most important populations in regard to human trafficking - minor girls. Three knowledgeable panelists shared their knowledge and experience in hopes of expanding interest in our community to eradicate this modern form of slavery.