Stand Up Against Human Trafficking

Sign the Pledge

"I believe the most basic human right is having ownership of your own life.  This most basic right is irrevocable without exception.   No one should exist merely to provide profit or pleasure for another. Human Trafficking is a violation of the most basic human rights, and can only be stopped if people who are free stand-up for those who aren't."

Human Traffickers rely on a ready supply of young teens who are unaware of the fact they are the primary target and the new risks that we live with in today's world.
  1. Every chance I get, I will make sure that  I will spread public awareness of this issue and the risks with those who are at risk and parents which children at risk.  
  2. I will support legislation designed to reduce this crime, increase prosectution and provide services for victims of Human Trafficking.
  3. I will openly support organizations who work to end Human Trafficking and provide services to victims.  I support initiatives designed to provide support recovery treatment for rescued victims of Human Trafficking. . I believe in offering viable treatment options to these victims.
  4. I believe in making our world a better place by standing up against human trafficking and providing hope to those that have been affected by this horrific crime.
  5. Whenever I can, I will share time, talent or financial assistance to organizations with a mission to provide for victims of Human Trafficking.